FDA Approved Permanent Hair Removal.

Short term commitment for a long term solution to excess hair!  It’s a no brainer!


Electrolysis removes all types of excess hair. It works on any colour hair, any colour skin and anywhere on the body. Including grey & red hair and it does not stimulate more hair growth. 

  • Electrolysis hair removal has been a tried and tested permanent hair removal solution for over 130 years. Ifact Electrolysis hair removal is the ONLY method that has been legally declared as permanent by the FDA. (Food & Drug Administration) 

  • Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair from any part of the body regardless of the cause, whether it is: hereditary, metabolic, or due to hormonal imbalances, PCOS, or MTF. 

  • Electrolysis is suitable or all skin types and colours and all hair types and colours. It is a safe, effective, progressive and permanent method of removing unwanted hair

  • The Most Commonly Treated Areas For Permanent Hair Removal Are – Face, chin, lip, eyebrows, sideburns, back of neck, chest, breasts, bikini line area, back, toes, and fingers, also tummy and legs.



Electrolysis hair removal is a tried and tested method of hair removal that dates back to 1875! Since then, modern technological advances and the best hair removal machines has proven hair removal for electrolysis both effective and totally safe, when performed correctly. The key is to always use an expert! With a highly skilled Electrolysis professional your treatment will be faster, more gentle, more comfortable, and a more effective permanent hair removal solution.

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Electrolysis works by using a very fine metal probe (about the thickness of an eyelash) and inserting it into the opening of each individual hair follicle and down into the hair shaft. A small electrical current is then sent directly into the root of a growing hair which cauterizes and cuts off the blood supply that feeds the hair and the individual stem cells that allow hair to repeatedly grow. This hair removal treatment causes the hairs to become weaker and finer. To achieve permanent results, it is very important that the therapist inserts the electrolysis probe accurately into the hair follicle to destroy both the dermal papilla and stem cells within the hair follicle walls.

After the hair has been treated, your Electrologist will gently remove (but NEVER tug on the hair with tweezers to gently remove it from the follicle – If the hair received enough treatment it will gently slide out. If the treatment was not performed correctly and the follicle did not receive the correct amount of current you will feel a tug, We would always advise that when looking for an Electrologist to be mindful of this. When all the hair has been removed from the treatment area, we will apply a soothing aftercare cream-gel to encourage the healing process to begin.

After repeated gradual treatment, over a period of months, more and more roots will be disabled resulting in hairs growing less and less until the hair follicles will be unable to grow again and permanent hair removal is achieved. Each hair requires repeated treatments in order to allow us to treat all hairs including those dormant in the follicles at the time of treatment. (Permanent destruction of the hairs can only occur while the hairs are in there “awake” state. We all have our own unique growing cycle. Results take a little time, so be patient.


Like all hair removal methods, there may be some level of sensation experienced during Electrolysis. To us the best way to explain what Electrolysis feels like, is a small pinching sensation, you may also experience a warm pulse and a slight tingling sensation. The level you feel will depend on your own individual sensitivity and the area which is being treated, as some areas would be more prone to sensitivity than others (they may have more nerve endings present). Some people hardly feel a thing and will feel totally relaxed during their treatment. Many of our clients choose to read, listen to music or even snooze during their session. 

The most important thing, is to tell your electrologist how you are feeling. We have many years of experience practicing Electrolysis and we are glad to help ease any discomfort, if experience it. If you feel in any way uncomfortable during your treatment, we are able to adjust our electrolysis machine settings and lower or increase the current according to how you are feeling. We can also offer use of a numbing cream before treatment for any clients who may need it.

Visit our What to expect page for more information about electrolysis for hair removal.


  • 15 min – €30
  • 20min – €35
  • 30min – €45
  • 45min – €55
  • 60 min – €70
  • Consultation – FREE

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The Chin & neck area is the most common place for unwanted hair, especially for women. The most common type of excess hair in this area are coarse dark hairs as well as light-coloured “peach fuzz” hairs. A common cause of excess hair growth is fluctuating levels of testosterone which cause facial hairs to grow thicker and more obvious.  While hair on the chin and neck can be embarrassing, there’s good news! Both areas are easily treated with electrolysis!

  • The persistent growing of coarse hairs on the chin and neck are often due to tweezing, waxing or shaving. For best results hese temporary hair removal procedures should be discontinued during your electrolysis treatment.
  • For best results, initial appointments should be made weekly to keep up with hair growth cycles so we can treat the hairs when they are at their weakest. Over time, appointments can be spaced out for maintenance purposes until the hair no longer regrows.


The areas around the lips are the most common for unwanted hair growth. As with other areas of the face, excess hair on the upper and lower lip are commonly caused by fluctuating levels of testosterone and may be coarse, in some women.

  • These areas are also commonly tweezed, waxed or shaved which can make the problem worse long term. Which is why we advise that you stop these methods of hair removal during treatment.
  • Due to nerve endings overlapping at the midline of the body as well as due to the thinness of the skin around the lips, the lip area can be somewhat sensitive. However, here at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic we use the Apilus Xcell & Platinum system, which is the most effective & comfortable epilator on the market. Also to further minimize any discomfort from hair removal, we only use insulated probes and use an acupressure technique during the treatment to prevent out any minor discomfort.
  • Initially, appointments for the lip areas are typically weekly or bi-weekly.


You know the saying your eyes not only frame your face  but are “the windows of the soul” — so it’s important to get them right! Which is not easy to get right every time. Using the precise technique of electrolysis you can get the perfect eyebrow that will last you a life time. 

Did you know that the perfect brow starts at the inner corner of the eye, peaks over the pupil, and finishes at or just past the outer edge. It’s always best to shape the eyebrow by leaving as much hair as possiible above the brow and remove only hairs between and below the eyebrow. So we talk in detail about every hair during your FREE consultation to make sure we get it perfect for you!

  • Eyebrows are one of the easiest and quickest parts of the body to shape using electrolysis.  
  • Because the skin around the eyes is especially thin and sensitive, some brief swelling can occur after treatment.  So several appointments are needed to complete hair removal shaping of the brows.
  • At the start, appointments will be weekly and get more spaced out, for maintenance, until the brows are completely cleared of straggling hairs and there is no more regrowth.


We all have some hair on the legs and buttock areas, but due to genetics or regular shaving these areas can be prime spots for thick difficult to manage hair growth areas. Using electrolysis we are able to completely remove:

  • Bikini Line / Brazilian Hair Removal (both men & women)

  • Transgender Pre-Op Genital Hair Removal


Hair around the ears and sideburns is totally common but can be a concern for some. We can effectively remove hair from these areas so you never have to worry about it again!


We all have some hair on our underarms, it’s completely natural! With Electrolysis we can permanently remove underarn hair. Imagine never having to shave again! 

Fed up of plucking, waxing and shaving every day?

Are you looking for a more permanent solution to get rid of hair for good? Then electrolysis may be for you! Book in for a consultation and sample treatment now and we can show you how you can be hair free and care free with electrolysis hair removal. 



In order to ensure that Electrolysis is the best hair removal treatment for you, we encourage that you book a FREE consultation with one of our expert electrologists at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic. During your consultation we will:


  • Ask you about any previous temporary hair removal methods, which over a period of time may have made your hair growth stronger.

  • We’ll explain how electrolysis works, and how it affects the blood supply feeding the hair.

  • We will then examine your unique hair growth patterns & area(s) of concern, and answer any questions you may have.

  • You will be asked about any medical conditions that may interfere with your treatment. With some conditions or illnesses you may not be able to have electrolysis, as these conditions or treatments might stop or interfere with the electrolysis procedure. These may include metal implants, recent operations, high or low blood pressure, heart Conditions, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV Aids, Herpes, sun burn and other conditions like Epilepsy require a doctors permission.

Read more

  • Your Advanced Electrolysis Therapist will discuss a customised Treatment Plan that fits your schedule, which will include length of each treatment time and frequency of treatments.
  • We will recommend replacing any previous temporarily hair removal procedures with Electrolysis to deliver a safe, permanently hair free treatment that actually works.
  • If you want to proceed we will give you a FREE 10 minute sample treatment.
  • Before we start the electrolysis process, the skin will be cleansed with an antibacterial lotion.
  • After your session we’ll remind you of your home-care recommendations. You’ll need to keep your skin clean and hydrated follo


Did you know that electrolysis is the ONLY hair removal method endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as PERMANENT. This is why we have so many clients coming back to electrolysis after laser treatment!


Electrolysis is a scientifically and medically proven technique of PERMANENT hair removal, that is effective no matter what type of hair you have. It works perfectly on any colour hair, any colour skin and anywhere on the body.

Electrolysis removes all types of hair – even the ones laser cannot remove and it does not stimulate more hair growth.



In order to ensure that Electrolysis is the best hair removal treatment for you, we encourage that you book a FREE consultation with one of our expert electrologists at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic. 


In order to ensure that you get the most successful electrolysis hair removal treatments there are a few pre-treatment requirements we need you to consider. If you have any queries or concerns before your treatment, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than offer advice.


To ensure the best possible results we’ve designed this simple and helpful post-electrolysis guide.  Within it, you’ll find our collective wisdom and advise, gained from 15 years’ experience and thousands of Electrolysis treatments.




    Electrolysis is the ONLY proven FDA approved, as permanent, hair removal treatment. Hairs grow back less and less after every session until they are completely gone for good.


    With Electrolysis we treat the hair follicle directly, which means it works on every colour hair, including red, grey, and blond hairs. This precise method of hair removal also means that it is suitable for even sensitive skins.


    Electrolysis permanent hair removal is so precise because we treat each hair and follicle individually. This means we get to the root of the problem without touching the skin itself. This also means that we can treat small areas with great accuracy, which air makes it an ideal permanent hair removal solution for eyebrows & beard shaping.


    The precise technique we use allows us to remove hair from any part of the body, including difficult to treat areas like the chin, the underarm, the nipples & toes.

Reasons why we ditched the razordaily plucking for a more permanent hair removal solution.

  • There are many benefits to using electrolysis as your hair removal solution. Firstly, it’s the only FDA backed solution for permanent hair removal

  • Electrolysis can be used both for removing unwanted hair, as well as shaping existing hair. It can be used on a large array of areas. 

  • To learn more about the benefits of electrolysis, contact us at Advanced Electrolysis today


Did you know that your hair grows in stages?


A single hair passes through 4 growth stages during its growth. All of our hair is never in the same cycle at the same time. Some of your follicles are producing new hairs, whilst others are in a resting stage and not producing any hair at all. In order to permanently remove your hair we need the follicles to be in the growth phase as this is the hair growth stage that reveals the hairs structure, so we are able to treat the follicle effectively. 


Studies have shown that our hair follicles actually contain stem cells which restart the hair growth cycle each time a hair has been shed. This is the reason why you need a course of Electrolysis hair removal treatments to clear the area of all unwanted hair…. permanently.

Anagen phase

This is the active growth stage where Electrolysis is better able to kill the hair follicles. This is because during this phase the root of the hair is dividing rapidly and adding to the hair shaft. You will notice hairs at this stage, as this is when the hair is visible above the skin and is still attached to the papilla. (The papilla of a follicle is the area at the base of the hair that contains the many blood vessels that feed and nourish the growing hair). This Anagen phase of hair growth is the ideal time for electrolysis treatments because the hair is still attached to the papilla we are able to cauterize the papilla and prevent any new growth. This stage usually lasts for about 2-3 weeks and occurs for all areas of the body including facial and body hair.

Catagen phase

This is a very short transition stage that occurs at the end of the Anagen (growth) stage. This is when the root of the hair shrinks towards the surface of the skin causing the hair to stop growing, and then fall out.

Telogen phase

This is the inactive or dormant stage of hair growth. These hairs have what looks like a grain of salt at the bottom, which is the dried out root bulb. At this point, the hair is neither growing or developing as it is no longer attached to the growth causing papilla meaning that total destruction of the hair follicle is not possible. Hairs removed at this stage are fairly unpredictable. This phase can go on for any amount of time ranging from a few days to a few years. Which is why it is important to be patient during your Electrolysis treatment plan. In order to get completely permanent hair removal results, we need to get these hairs when they reactivate.

Exogen phase

Is the time between the hair shedding and the new hair emerging. The follicle is empty waiting for new growth.


Unfortunately, there is no way to know what phase of growth the individual hairs are in. This is why it’s important so important to keep to your treatment plan and return for treatments frequently. If a hair is treated unsuccessfully once and then is given time to grow again it will once again pass in to its final (telogen) stage where treatment is ineffective. And we don’t want that!

What Causes Excess Hair Growth in Women?


It has to be said! It’s not always that easy to pinpoint the reason for hair growth in women. Sometimes, some of us are simply just genetically predisposed to darker thicker hair growth. For example, a dark-skinned woman of Mediterranean descent is more likely to have more noticeable hairs than a fair Scandinavian woman. Also, some of us are genetically more sensitive to the Androgen fluctuations in the body, which causes thickening or darkening of natural hairs.  


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a problem that affects many women. It causes irregular periods, leads to excessive hair growth on the face and even problems trying to get pregnant. PCOS effects a staggering 6-10% of the general female population! It occurs when a women produces high levels of the male hormone androgen, which is normally present in women but at a much lesser amount. PCOS sufferers are more likely to develop excess facial and body hair Read more. (PCOS section link) 

Medication Side Effects

There are many drugs & medication that can cause Androgen secretions in the body which in turn can lead to excess hair growth or the face and body. As a rule, always be sure to ask about common side effects when taking long term medications. The most commonly used drugs that cause hair growth in women include: Dilantin (for seizures), Steroids, some contraceptive pills, cortisol, blood pressure medications, Danazol (used for Endometriosis) and more. 


Endometriosis is is a condition where the cells that are normally found lining the uterus are also found in other areas of the body, usually within the pelvis. This painful condition tissue to build upon the outside of the uterus during menstruation, which then breaks down and bleeds. However, because this internal bleeding occurs in the pelvis, it has no way of leaving the body, which leads to inflammation, pain and formation of scar tissue. Endometriosis is generally treated with hormonal inducing medication. One of the side effects of which is hormonal imbalance, which can increase hair growth in areas of the body and face.
The treatment is not generally long term and the hormone balance may be restored after 3 months of stopping treatment. After which is the optimal time to start Electrolysis treatments to remove the excess hair.

Infertility and IVF Treatment

Due to the hormone inducing medications used in IVF & fertility treatments, as a common side effect of fertility treatments can be unwanted hair growth in women.
It is NOT advisable to begin electrolysis treatment during any form of fertility treatment as the medication prescribed may delay or reduce the effectiveness of electrolysis.


Being overweight can also be the cause of excess hair growth since there may be an increase in insulin production. This can result in the over stimulation of the pituitary gland, ovaries and adrenal glands which can cause a woman to get excess hair growth on the face and body.


Yes! Too much stress is not good for you! When you’re stressed your adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol which helps the body maintain resistance to stress by helping to control blood sugar levels and increase the burning of protein and fat for energy. Long-term stimulation of the adrenal cortex can also stimulate increased androgen production causing excess hair growth.


We know! We don’t want to mention the M word either but in actual face the most common reason for time for sudden development of facial hair is after the menopause. This is due to the numerous hormonal changes that occur in the body at this time. What used to be fine facial hair can become coarser and more visible thanks to the menopause.

Excessive Excercise

Can you exercise too much? Well, actually excessive amount of physical exercise can result in low levels of body fat in women this may have an adverse effect on the ovaries, limiting their function and reducing oestrogen levels. This, in turn, can stimulate the circulation of androgen hormones which increase the chances of developing male characteristics including hirsutism & excessive hairs.
And the moral to the story – EVERYTHING IN MODERATION


Our Electrologists use advanced techniques and the latest technology and are highly skilled to achieve the best fastest permanent hair removal results

You have nothing to lose but unwanted hair! A Unique technology for faster results.
book your consultation HERE


The main difference between Electrolysis hair removal and Laser hair removal is that lasers work by targeting pigment, and they are not effective in removing light hair on fair skin nor dark hair on dark skin. Electrolysis works by precisely inserting a small probe directly into each hair follicle and applying a tiny electrical current down into it. Unlike laser electrolysis which targets the pigment of the hair, electrolysis targets the hair follicle itself and requires a series of treatments but it much more effective at permanently removing hair without damaging the skin. Laser treatments on any area that is strongly affected by androgens, such as the sides of the face, the side burns and the neck, an overgrowth of thick dark hairs can occur. This can never happen with electrolysis.


  • Electrolysis hair removal technique uses a thin metal probe that is inserted directly into a hair follicle without touching the skin. A low-level electrical current is delivered into the follicle, damaging the root that causes the hair to regrow. Once the hair is treated it is removed gently from the follicle with tweezers.

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  • The Electrolysis process is repeated treating individual hairs one by one on the desired area. This precision makes it a very accurate treatment and the best hair removal treatment for facial hair. Electrolysis is ideal for small areas that involve precision treatments like the eyebrows and excess chin hair.
  • Electrolysis classed as the only permanent hair removal by the FDA
  • Electrolysis works for everyone no matter what you skin or hair colour. Since electrolysis targets the hair follicle, not the pigment in the hair. 
  • For Electrolysis there may be anything between 15-30 treatments needed spaced a few weeks apart in the start and one month apart are later on in the treatment. Each session can last between 15 to 90 minutes depending on the area being treated. But when the hair is gone, its gone for good.
  • During Electrolysis hair removal some slight discomfort can be expected during treatment. A brief pinch and heat sensation is common felt but only lasts for a short time, most people get used to it.
  • The most common effects of electrolysis can include some temporary skin redness, a small amount of swelling and in some areas dry skin.
  • Electrolysis permanent hair removal is priced at €30 per 15 minutes.


  • Uses a flat electronic device that is moved across the skin on top of the treatment area. Lasers work by finding the in order to destroy it. The pulsating laser light beams find the pigmentation of the hair beneath the skin and cause localized damage to the melanin in the hair follicle. The heated melanin (hair pigment) burns, causing the hair follicle to stop producing hairs. Hairs then fall out in their own time.

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  • Because the laser is wide is able target many hair follicles in a single pulse.
  • The FDA recognizes laser as hair reduction.
  • Laser hair removal only works on with light skin and dark hair as laser targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair. Lasers can burn those with darker skins and may not produce optimal results for those with light hair.
  • Patients may experience some hair regrowth after treatments, though the hair is generally much finer and lighter than it was originally. Treatment involves occasional laser maintenance treatment to maintain their results after their initial set of laser hair removal sessions.
  • With laser hair removal you will need anywhere from 5-8 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart are for hair reduction. Each session can last anywhere between 15-90 minutes depending on the area being treated.
  • Some low discomfort can be expected during laser treatment. A snap and topical heat sensation can be felt with each light pulse. 
  • Some known side effects of laser hair removal can include itching, redness, swelling around the treatment area, a change in skin pigmentation, acne, scabbing and infection.
  • Laser hair removal costs are based on the size of the area being treated and can range from €50 for a small area (such as the upper lip) to €250 for a large area (such as full legs).
If you are unsure whether electrolysis or laser hair removal is the better choice for you, we would be happy to provide you with further guidance.

Looking for a way to permanently remove excess face & body hair? We specialize in hair removal for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), the hirsute female, male beard removal, and permanent hair removal for the transgender community.

Your Questions, Answered

Can Electrolysis Stimulate Hair Growth?

NO – Electrolysis works by cutting off the blood supply to the hair root so it cannot stimulate increased hair growth.

Does electrolysis ruin your skin?

Electrolysis performed by experienced therapists who know what they are doing will not ruin your skin. However, Electrolysis is an invasive treatment so it is imperative to use an Electrolysis expert who knows what they are doing to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken.

How long does Electrolysis take?

Since the amount of hair that is cycled for growth is unique to every individual this is a complicated question! Due to the fact that we need some amount of hair for Electrolysis hair removal to work, we will schedule a treatment plan that fits in with your individual hair growth pattern. Typically, our Electrolysis clients will visit the clinic, initially, for the same frequency that they wax, shave or tweeze. Therefore, in the beginning most Electrolysis hair removal clients will begin with weekly appointments then bi-weekly and then reducing down as hair growth dissipates further. Normally, the average time to permanently remove hair is roughly around 12 months. However, this very much depends on your individual hair growth pattern and which area is being treated. In some cases it can take up to 24 months (2 years). For permanent hair removal to be as quick as possible, it is very important that your hairs are treated within a few weeks of their appearance. If your hair is not treated within this time window the hair becomes too old for electrolysis to be successful. For more info see our hair growth section.

How many sessions do you need for electrolysis?

Since every individuals hair growth cycle is unique, it is difficult to give an exact time-line for permanent hair removal. Normally, our Electrolysis hair removal clients will visit the clinic for the same frequency that they wax, shave or tweeze. In the start this would mean regular weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Sessions you will need will then, in time, reduce down as hair growth dissipates further. Normally, the average time to permanently remove hair is roughly around 12 months. However, this very much depends on your individual hair growth pattern and which area is being treated. In some cases, permanent Electrolysis hair removal can take up to 24 months. However, it is very important that you keep to your regular sessions, if your hair is not treated within the correct time window the hair becomes too old for electrolysis to be successful. For more info see our hair growth section. So the key to minimum sessions is that you stick to your treatment plan.

The most important thing, is to tell your electrologist how you are feeling. We have many years of experience practicing Electrolysis and we are glad to help ease any discomfort, if experience it. If you feel in any way uncomfortable during your treatment, we are able to adjust our electrolysis machine settings and lower or increase the current according to how you are feeling. We can also offer use of a numbing cream before treatment for any clients who may need it.

Visit our What to expect page for more information about electrolysis for hair removal.

Do home electrolysis machines work?

First of all, Electrolysis is a very precise treatment. The tiny probe has to be inserted into each follicle at a very specific angle and depth for treatment to be effective. You need lots of experience in order to do this. If Electrolysis is not practiced accurately there is a risk of burning and scarring the skin, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So I would not recommend trying Electrolysis hair removal at home, as risks of damaging your skin are high and without a skilled technician permanent results will not be possible.

Does electrolysis remove hair permanently?

YES – Electrolysis is the ONLY method of permanent hair removal classed by the FDA. 

Why Do I Need A Course Of Treatments For Optimum results?

YES – Each hair requires more than one treatment because each individual hair has its own growing cycle and blood supply. Electrolysis works by weakening the hair and eventually destroying it. Courses of treatment are therefore imperative and results take a little time. A fine probe (resembling the size of an eyelash) is inserted into the hair follicle where a tiny burst of energy is targeted at the root of the hair. This prevents nutrients feeding the hair and the hair becomes weaker and finer. After a course of treatments the hair is no longer able to grow and complete hair free results are obtained.

Will the hair grow back after electrolysis?

NO* – once all follicles are destroyed and there are no more new hairs left, hair will no longer grow back in the treatment area. 

  • *In a small number of cases unmanaged hormone related conditions & hormone therapies may cause new hairs that were not treated, to grow. If this is the case we recommend that you speak directly to your G.P about managing your hormones. Any hormonal induced hair sprouts can easily be treated with a short appointment every few months.

How long does Electrolysis Hair Removal on the face take?

It is impossible to tell the exact amount of session an individual person will need since it all depends on your individual hair growth pattern. (see hair growth cycle page) The key to getting the best Electrolysis Hair Removal results is consistency. It is so important that you keep to the treatment plan outlined by your Electrolysis therapist at the start of your treatment. No waxing or plucking in between appointments. As your hair re-growth gets lesser your sessions will get shorter and you will need them less often. Normally for full and permanent facial hair removal, it takes approximately 1-1.5years. But when it’s gone it’s gone.


  • Consultation – €20
  • Up to 7 mins – €20
  • 15 min – €35
  • 20 min – €38
  • 30 min – €48
  • 45 min – €60
  • 60 min – €75

Click here to see our full price list. 


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