Immediately following your Electrolysis hair removal treatment, you may experience slight redness or tenderness on the skin. Typically, this will diminish within a couple hours up to 2 days depending on your skin and the length of the treatment session.

Serious irritation is minimum as long as the treatments is performed by a skilled Electrologist however, proper aftercare hygiene is essential to help your skin heal. Aftercare begins at the clinic after your electrolysis hair removal treatment, when will ensure that your skin free from bacteria. But do remember that each treated follicle is now wide open after treatment, so it’s more susceptible to bacteria. So cleanliness and good aftercare is essential to ensure that there are no skin complications following treatment! 

24-48 hours after treatment

  • Refrain from touching the treated areas so the transfer of bacteria will be limited. 

  • Avoid any activity that could irritate hair follicles such as anything that would cause friction or sweating, such as physical exercise, hot tubs, etc. as these activities can increase swelling.

  • Avoid sun exposure or the use of tanning products.

  • Avoid using soap or water saturation on the treated area.

  • If treating underarms, do not use deodorant for 24 hours.
  • For electrolysis on the face, try not to apply make-up for at least 24 hours. If you must wear make-up, mineral-based make-up is the best option. 

2-7 days after treatment (healing period)

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the treated area.

  • Keep the treated area clean with a mild skin cleanser. Make sure that it hasn’t got any harsh glycolic acids in it, as these will cause sensitivity.

  • Apply Action De Gala aftercare balm (available to purchase in clinic) cream twice a day for two or three days or as needed this will soothe any of the initial redness.

  • Do not exfoliate, scrub or use peels 5-7 days following treatment. 

  • Avoid contact with oily, perfumed or alcohol-based products.

  • Apply sunscreen sparingly to the treated area, especially if you have sensitive and/or pigmented skin.
  • Do not rub area with flannels or towels.

  • No soaking baths.

  • No swimming (especially immediately after treatment).

Hair Removal In-between Appointments

Trim hair with scissors, bleach, or shave.  

DO NOT tweeze, wax, or thread. This will undo all the work we have already accomplished with electrolysis.

Still the ONLY guaranteed method of permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is a scientifically and medically proven technique of PERMANENT hair removal, that is effective no matter what type of hair you have. It works perfectly on any colour hair, any colour skin and anywhere on the body.

Electrolysis removes all types of hair – even the ones laser cannot remove and it does not stimulate more hair growth.



The area treated can appear slightly red or raised. Redness usually lasts about 1-8 hours. Continue to apply soothing aftercare cream. Some people may notice some small crusts appearing over treated hair follicles. This is completely normal.
If you have any questions or concerns after treatment, please do not hesitate to call us or send us a live chat.


The next day most of the redness and swelling will have dissipated. You should continue to apply Soothing Cream to the treated area.



2-3 DAYS

Usually there is no evidence of treatment, however if there were any hairs that were just below skin surface during treatment, these may start to appear and also cause some inflammation where they are pushing themselves through the skin. These may form “Ingrown Hairs”.



If skin heals with small scabs/crusts. These scabs will appear as tiny dots where hair has been treated. These scabs form over each insertion point. These will disappear in 7-10 days.

DO NOT REMOVE SCABS!! (But please let your therapist know if you get these.)


If skin heals with small pimples. This can mean a reaction to the after care or cross infection.

Inform your therapist. A change of after care product and extra care during the healing period is usually the solution.



No matter what your concern might be during the aftercare, feel free to contact our client if you have any questions whatsoever.



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