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Maintaining a wellgroomed appearance is an importantpart of the daily routine for many men.  

We all like to look and feel good & it’s no exception for men.

Whether, you like a sharp well-groomed beard or are experiencing an overgrowth of hair on your back, neck, shoulders or even spouting hairs from your ears, we can permanently get rid of excess hair from anywhere on the body. 

Whether you currently shave every day, wax or use hair removal creams for men, we know that daily male hair removal takes a lot of time. 

If you’re not someone who gladly puts up with a time-consuming hair maintenance routine, then Electrolysis permanent hair removal may be the best solution to permanently get rid of these excess hairs for good. 

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We‚Äôve got your back …¬†face and body¬†hairs. And when they‚Äôre gone. They‚Äôre gone for good!¬†

We can remove any hair on your body and here at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic, we are able to remove as much or little hair you need. 
Don’t worry we’ve seen it all before!
Our expert electrolysis therapists have lots of experience removing all kinds of male facial & body hairs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you feel more confident. 

Popular permanent male hair removal treatment at our Dublin clinic include: 

  • Cheeks, nose, beard and jaw line.

  • Ear hair.

  • Upper, lower or full back.

  • Upper arms, shoulders and neck.

  • Underarm.

  • Legs.

  • Stomach, abdomen and chest.

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Streamlining your body is a very important part of athletic competition.

Even a split second can make all the difference to your speed and times. 

As a result,¬†we have seen an¬†increase¬†¬†in the¬†popularity of ‚Äúmanscaping,‚Ä̬†otherwise known as¬†shaping and removal of body hair.

Especially, for athletes those participating in the highly competitive sports, with many athletes and sporting professionals choosing electrolysis, as their permanent hair removal solution.  

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Permanent hair removal for¬†swimmers, cyclists and triathletes¬†can cut down on wind or water friction,¬†and result in¬†a comfortable ‚Äúfeel‚ÄĚ during athletic activity¬†which¬†make hygiene¬†much¬†easier¬†too.¬†

Some athletes who participate in a sports which cause a lot of chafing such as runners also find some relief through hair permanent removal. 

Electrolysis hair removal is therefore a great choice for Athletes who need a convenient hair removal treatment that are struggling with the weekly upkeep of hair removal, and need produces permanent long-tern results. 

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If you are an athlete looking for a permanent hair removal solution, contact us today to discuss how Electrolysis can help you. 

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Hair Removal Without Damaging your Ink

If you have body tattoos and are looking for a permanent hair removal solution to get rid of the unwanted hair without damaging your ink, then Electrolysis is ideal for you.

Here at Advanced Electrolysis Clinic, we’re experts in pre and post tattoo hair removal. Electrolysis will permanently stop hair growth over your tattoo so you can enjoy your tats and never have to worry about unsightly hairs again. So if you want to make the most of your art without the daily shave and constant irritation and ingrown hairs, then book a free consultation today.

  • Tattoos are artwork, don‚Äôt hide them under unwanted hair¬†

  • Waxing is easy, Electrolysis is Permanent¬†

  • Here at Advanced Electrolysis¬†Clinic¬†we specialise in pre and post tattoo hair removal.¬†

Your Questions, Answered

Can Electrolysis remove hairs permanently from my Tattoo?

YES, Electrolysis will stop hair growing over your tattoos permanently 

Will Electrolysis Hair Removal Work On Any Tattoo area ?

  • YES, Electrolysis is suitable for all skin types, on all parts of the body¬†
  • YES, Electrolysis works on all colour hair, including dark, blond, red & grey hairs unlike Laser.¬†

Will Electrolysis affect the pigment of my Tattoo?

Electrolysis is a precision treatment & treats each follicle directly and not the skin itself.  So no matter what colour pigment you have it won’t damage your Tattoo. 

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Your Questions, Answered

What areas of the male body can be treated with electrolysis?

The most popular hair removal treatment for men are the back, shoulders,¬†ear hair, eyebrows (particularly¬†unibrows), beard sculpting¬†which helps¬†to eliminate shaving on the cheeks and¬†the¬†neck¬†–¬†neckline hair.¬†Electrolysis¬†is also useful¬†to treat¬†male¬†ingrown hairs.¬†¬†

How long will Electrolysis take?

Treatment times can depend on the amount of hair that needs to be removed and the area treated. E.g. Eyebrow shaping or treating ear hair will take a lot less time than removing the heavy growth on a back area. If you would like to book a FREE consultation with one of our expert electrologist’s at our Dublin city clinic, we will be able to discuss your treatment area and give you a better idea of treatment times based on your own individual case. The most important way to achieve permanence sooner is keeping consistency in your appointments. 

How long is each treatment session?

Treatment sessions can range from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the area being treated. Based on your FREE confidential consultation, we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan which will include a plan for treatment times. 

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