Results Are Amazing And PERMANENT!

I moved to Dublin over a year ago and went to The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic to continue my laser treatment. At that time I was getting laser, for over 2 years and while I did see some results, I never found the result were as ‘permanent’ as the adverts claimed.

I met Stella at the clinic and we discussed the benefits of electrolysis versus laser and I was convinced to give electrolysis a go, mainly due to Stella’s passion about the process and long term benefits of electrolysis.

A year later, I am delighted that I listened to Stella as I have seen amazing results on my lip and chin. So much so, that I am booking in for my underarm and bikini next week. I will admit that after about 6 months I started to doubt the results, this I feel was due to 2 years of money wasted on laser, however, it was great to have Stella’s positive support and I am now delighted I stuck with it as the results are amazing and PERMANENT!!!

– Fiona O’Connor

With Patience & Faith, It Really Works!

I started coming to The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic for facials, and as she was feeling my skin, Stella noticed some hairs and subtly suggested I try electrolysis.

I am blonde, and when I started tweezing here and there in my late teens, I didn’t realise that the hairs would grow thicker and darker. If I had known….

Anyhow, I eventually followed Stella’s advice and started electrolysis on my chin and lip. A little sore and slow at first, I soon started to notice the results. I have been able to space out treatments, and I am now nearly hair-free!

You know the best thing: I no longer own tweezers! As Stella said, with patience and faith, it really works. Thank’s Stella & Iryna!

– Amandine

Made A Huge Difference To My Confidence & Life In General

Electrolysis at The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic – for anyone thinking of having electrolysis done, I would say, stop thinking! Put yourself in the hands of Stella and her team at The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic. They are true professionals in every way and the treatment itself is very effective.

I had put up with unwanted facial hair (mainly upper lip and chin) for years and had tried all of the usual stuff (waxing, creams & even a round of laser treatment) but to no avail. I decided to try electrolysis after reading up about it online.

I was quite self-conscious and embarrassed going for my first consultation but I was put at ease by Stella from day 1. She is very professional and discreet as well as being very skilled with the treatment.

Stella is also one of lifes very genuine and lovely people who is great to chat to…this is an extra bonus as the chat is a welcome distraction from the treatment – I wouldn’t say that’s it’s painful but there’s definitely a bit of discomfort particularly with the upper lip.

I am almost finished my treatment. It has been so effective that I only need to visit every 2 months or so to get a few small hairs removed. It has made a huge difference to my confidence and to my life in general.

As you may have guessed, I would highly recommend both The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic & electrolysis to anyone looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair…don’t even think about it, just do it and enjoy the peace of mind that the results bring.

– Laura R.

The Clinic Is Very Clean, Very Spacious And Lovely And Quiet…

I had a fabulous experience with Stella at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic for red vein removal & milia removal.

She was very thorough and such a nice girl i have definitely found my new beauty therapist. My skin looks fantastic and no more red vein!


– Alma

I Am So Thrilled I Had The Tags Removed, Made Such A Difference, Just Sorry I Waited So Long!!!

I had a good few skin tags removed at this wonderful clinic. The treatment was as explained and pain-free.

I am so thrilled I had the tags removed, made such a difference, just sorry I waited so long!!!

This is a wonderful clinic, very friendly and I was made at ease as soon as I met the therapist!! And the price was perfectly as stated, really wonderful would highly recommend it!!”

– Fergal

This Clinic Is Very Professional

I was in for a skin tag removal and some blood spot removal on my nose. Stella was just brilliant! Before the treatment I was a bit nervous but Stella explain me everything and reassure me, she is extremely patient and professional.

The clinic is really clean and the staff polite and punctual. I payed 35 euro for the tag skin removal, everywhere else they were charging double for it!

This clinic is very professional and I will be back again with no hesitation!”

– Vanessa

Extremely Happy With Results!

First consultation and treatment at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic (electrolysis) is free. Extremely happy with results.

Stella was very knowledgeable and competent. Am returning next week for another treatment. Prices seem very reasonable.

– Gertie

The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic has been absolutely super.

The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic has been absolutely super. I had been going for laser to remove unwanted facial hair. Which initially seemed to work but eventually the hair just kept growing back no matter how many session I kept having.

So on the recommendation from a friend I decided to go to the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic and and give electrolysis a go. The results have been brilliant. The clinic is lovely and the staff are really friendly and Stella who did my electrolysis really puts you at ease and makes sure you are comfortable during the treatment. She has a real passion for it and it shows in the excellent results.

The great thing is that none of the hairs have returned and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Stella, her team and the Advanced Electrolysis clinic if you are considering any type of hair removal and want real, permanent results!

– Rebecca M

All my unwanted hair is gone.

I started going to Stella and Iryna in the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic a couple of years ago. I wish I had met them many years before that.

I’ve struggled with excess hair on my face and chin since I was a teenager. I tried electrolysis before but it was unsuccessful and very painful. It was being done incorrectly by an inexperienced person and was a waste of time.

I went to Stella for waxing and she convinced me that electrolysis can work with the right expertise. She was right. I started going every few weeks and now I barely need to go at all.

All my unwanted hair is gone. I’m not being dramatic when I say my life has greatly improved! Stella and Iryna are ultra professional, friendly, reasonably priced and very accommodating re booking times. I miss our chats now that I don’t have to go very often!

I can’t recommend them highly enough

– Fi

If you’re thinking of Electrolysis make sure this is the first place you visit…

If you’re thinking of Electrolysis make sure this is the first place you visit, Stella is the best around for Electrolysis!

I have been to 4 different salons, 2 of them use the old sterex machine, (Painful and more time consuming causes skin to react, slow progress), and two used the Aplius Platinum (Advanced Electrolysis Clinic being one of them).

The treatment here is the best out of all of the salons I went to. There is very little pain and I can see a difference already. I have blonde hairs that are being worked on and can say this treatment is working so well.

I would highly recommend this salon and Stella, if you’re thinking of Electrolysis this is the best place with the most advanced up to date equipment.

Delighted I found this place!

– Aimee M

After only a few treatments the hair is gone.

I started getting electrolysis after laser hair removal didn’t work for me as I’m blonde (something they did not tell me in the laser hair removal clinic i attended).

After only a few treatments the hair is gone. I cant recommend Advanced Electrolysis clinic enough.

If you want guaranteed permanent hair removal, no matter what your hair colour, then this is the place for you.

– Aoife Maybury

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