Get back to being yourself again! No more hiding!

Get back to being yourself again!

No more hiding! 

Facial hair is the most commonly treated area of the body for excess hair

Using Electrolysis we can accurately and precisely and permanently get rid of: 

  • Upper & Lower Lip Hairs 

  • Chin Hairs 

  • Neck Hairs 

  • Eyebrow Hairs For Permanent Eyebrow Shaping 

  • Side Burns & Side Of Face Hairs 

  • Ears & Nose Hairs 

  • Full Beard Removal 

  • Hairline Hairs 

TWEEZING is one of THE WORST ways to remove unwanted facial hair, it stimulates the follicles resulting in stronger hair growth.


We Understand

Keeping on top of excess facial hair can easily feel like a never-ending battle, which can lead to self-consciousness and distress. But you are not alone!!!

Even though excess facial hair can be a very sensitive topic for women to talk about, it’s something we all experience and some point in our lives. We understand that it not only affects your confidence but your overall wellbeing too.

We want to help you change this! With years of expertise in electrolysis hair removal, here at the Advanced Electrolysis Clinic we will help you get rid of that facial hair problem permanently 

Electrolysis is a good way to remove excess facial hair for people with blond, grey or red hairs! 

Female facial hair can also be genetic. You’re not alone! Facial hair is as real as you feel it is!


    What Causes Excess hair on the face?

While all of us women have some sort of very fine, light hair on our faces and bodies, which is perfectly normalHowever, in some cases this hair can be thicker, coarser, darker and more visible. There are a number of reasons behind female facial hair, this can be due to geneticsor by using temporary hair removal methods that stimulate the growth of new hair like tweezing.

But in most cases excess hair growth on the face are due to hormones. Women can develop facial hair due to the body producing higher-than-normal levels of androgenslike testosterone, which can be caused by certain medical conditions. Even a tiny imbalance can lead to excess hair growth in women. 

Hormonal facial hair on women usually grows in a particular pattern, rather than random sprouts, starting around the chin and the corners of the upper lip. If you are experiencing extreme amounts facial hair it’s worth seeing your GP to get checked out. 

For more info on causes of excess hair click here.

And don’t worry – whether its cause it hereditaryhormonal or due to failed alternative hair removal methods, we have experience in treating all types of excess facial hair. 

Here at The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic, we help hundreds of women every year to effectively remove their excess facial hair permanently with electrolysis hair removal.

 promise that you will receive the best and most discreate personal care at our Electrolysis clinic, in the heart of Ranelagh. Your comfort is always our top priority, every step of the way.

During your
CONSULTATION we will give you a sample treatment and create a customised hair removal treatment plan, tailored around your schedule.  
Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for the permanent removal of hair.    

Only with Electrolysis hair removal can we both remove the hairs instantly and prevent regrowth from happening again during treatment. So we can help you get rid of unwanted hair and eliminate regrowth at the same time, no matter skin type/colour or hair type you may have. 



I had put up with unwanted facial hair (mainly upper lip and chin) for years and had tried all of the usual stuff (waxing, creams & even a round of laser treatment) but to no avail. I decided to try electrolysis after reading up about it online. I was quite self-conscious and embarrassed going for my first consultation but I was put at ease by Stella from day 1. She is very professional and discreet as well as being very skilled with the treatment. It has made a huge difference to my confidence and to my life in general.  As you may have guessed, I would highly recommend both The Advanced Electrolysis Clinic & electrolysis to anyone looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair 
– Laura R

Your Questions, Answered

How can I stop hair from growing on my face?

Hair growth is a natural process. We are all born with a continuous stock of hair papules in each hair follicle, ready to growth when its predecessor hair falls out. This is going to happen regardless. So the only way to get rid of excess facial hair is to remove it permanently from your face. The only way to permanently remove facial hair for good is with Electrolysis hair removal. 

What triggers facial hair growth?

Hair growth is natural, we are all born with a certain amount of hair on our face and body. However, things like genetic predisposition, hormones, medications, some health conditions and even what method you use to remove the hairs can all stimulate hair growth 

For more info on hair growth click here.

Help! I have both acne and chin hair what can I do?

Excess chin hair on women is often made worse by repeated irritation from yanking hairs continuously with tweezers & wax! This can cause thicker hairs to grow from the hair follicle or ingrown hairs from when hairs break off of in the follicle. This can irritate and worsen acne prone skin. Firstly, you need to stop removing hairs with the tweezers! Believe us when we say this, it’s the worst thing you can do! Electrolysis will help you by properly treating the hair root directlyleaving the skin to heal, and clear.  

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