Around 40 % women have some hairs around nipples (some just a couple, some more). 

This is an embarrassing topic and women normally don’t discuss it. So you think you are the only one with this problem as none of your friends ever mentioned it. But you are wrong. 

Lots of women have this issue and they just silently pluck the hairs 🙁 which makes the matter worse. 

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Once you start plucking, thicker and stronger hairs are coming back and quite often two new hairs instead of one old one. And the vicious circle begins… 

Hairs can appear in this area during the puberty, sometimes during pregnancy and less often during menopause. 

Any hormonal imbalance unfortunately could be the cause. 

The good news is that electrolysis can get rid of those hairs for good! 

The hairs around the nipples respond so quickly and you will be finished with them before you know it  

Even the first session is quite short – often 15-20 min needed to clear all the hairs. 

The sessions are normally 4 weeks apart. 

The following sessions will get shorter and shorter until there are no more hairs left. 

Don’t be embarrassed! We have seen it all (some of us had it as well 😉 ) – we are here to help you. 

You are very welcome to come in for a consultation and a sample treatment where we will explain the procedure, answer all your questions and you will get a chance to experience the treatment. 

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