We live in a very fast paced world and have become accustomed to want everything instantly, unfortunately we didn’t grow those hairs overnight – so we cannot expect to have a couple of sessions and get rid all our unwanted hairs! It is important to understand that. For some reason everyone expects miracles overnight. But in reality, like with a lot of good things in life, it takes time. Slowly but surely you will achieve your hair free dream. 

The Major Factor Here Is Consistency. 

We get clients who would say – I had it done for years and still have hairs. It is at this point that we have to start asking questions like how often did you have your sessions? And the answer almost always would be – “every couple of months”. This is where the problem lies. To be able to catch the hair at its active stage of growth (hairs have 3 stages of growth) as hairs will only be in that stage say 2-3 weeks (a little bit longer on the body). We need our clients to stick to a regular treatment program like clock-work. 

If treatments are regular and are consistently within the active hair growth stage (as outline in your treatment plan) treatment will take 1 year – 1 year 1/2 but once the treatment is finished your excess hairs will be gone forever! 

I know it sounds a lot but electrolysis is a progressive treatment, with less and less hair growing back after every treatment. 

You will start with longer sessions but they become shorter and shorter and towards the last couple of months you will be down to 15 min sessions, every 3 weeks or so. But after that your hairs will be gone for good. 

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I think it is a pretty good deal – you invest in one year of your life and you never have to worry about your unwanted hairs ever again. 

So Seriously, How Long Will It Take? 

No one can ever tell you the exact number of sessions you are going to need. 

It always depends on the true volume of your hair, the previously used methods of hair removal, the consistency of your treatments. 

Let’s say I tell you that you are going to need a year of treatments two weeks apart (the sessions will get shorter and shorter and further apart later on). 

It is important to understand that when we say “a year of treatment” this time period is dependent on you keeping to the recommended “twice per month” treatment plans. 

For example, if a client makes an appointment in 3 weeks time then calls to reschedule, as something came up, and ends up coming in every 4 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. That client will still see progress but…not the same amount of progress since if their treatment plan would have been adhered to stringently I would have seen her 24 times within that year (remember it’s all very roughly), but in fact with all the cancellations etc I only ended up giving her 12 treatment that year. 

So, of course towards the end of that year we would not be able to achieve the results at the predicted time period, it would end up taking much longer to achieve the same results. The key here is to keep the consistency in the treatments which is a major thing with electrolysis hair removal. 

I am afraid to break it to you but there is nothing else out there that is permanent. Nothing… not waxing, not threading, not plucking! These are all temporary hair removal methods (you are hair free for a couple of weeks and then back to square one) which you will be doing it for the rest of your life. 

You might say what about laser? There many people out there, that we see every single day here in the clinic, that have tried laser and are still not happy with the results! This speaks for itself. Laser gives you a reduction (and in some cases a very good one) but it only works if certain criteria are met. We will take a look at this in my next blog post. 

Stella. 🙂 

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