Is Electrolysis Expensive?

I won’t lie, it is – as you are paying by minutes. 

It is a very precise, laborious and tedious work that requires a lot of skill and patience from an electrologist. 

Think of it as an investment in your future – you will spend a year of electrolysis treatments and hair free for life. 

We have many clients who come to us after having 20 – 35 sessions of laser, without the results they were hoping for! They found themselves going back for laser treatments not knowing about the permanent affects of electrolysis hair removal. 


A woman normally has it waxed every 3-4 weeks and it costs her €15 minimum. Within a year she would spend around €225. It sounds reasonable enough. 

Electrolysis hair removal would mean regular sessions every 4 weeks. 

The number of sessions needed all depend on the amount of hairs you have (everyone is different). – On average, the treatment for a regular amount of underarm hair you would need: 

Session 1 – around 2.5 hours €70 euro per hour = €175 

Session 2 – around 2.5 hours €70 euro per hour = €175 

Session 3 – around 2 hours = €140 

Session 4 – around 2 hours = €140 

Session 5 – around 1.5 hours = €100 

Session 6 – around 1.5 hours = €100 

Session 7 – around 1 hour = €70 

Session 8 – around 1 hour = €70 

Session 9 – around 1 hour = €70 

Session 10 – around 30 min = €45 

Session 11 – around 30 min = €45 

Session 12 – around 15 min = €30 

Session 13 – around 15 min = €30 

Session 14 – around 5 min = €15 

Total spent – €1205 

The average monthly cost for this treatment would be €86/month but since results are permanent you would never have to worry about your body hair again! (We would spend more on hair colour and blow dry, nails, eyelashes, spray tans etc.) 

Back to waxing – if this same lady chose to wax this area for 5 years she would spend around €1125 euro and she still will continue paying for regular waxing treatments for the rest of her life since waxing is merely a temporary solution. And remember, you also need to let your hair grow in between your waxing sessions and it is not a nice feeling, don’t you agree? So €225 euro on waxing per year doesn’t sound so good any more, does it? 

Is electrolysis expensive? Hmmm… It all depends on how you look at it. 🙂 

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